Attorneys are experts in legal practice, but, when they need expertise in other industries …  Private Investigators can shine!

Private investigators have expertise in various areas. There’s tremendous value in knowing a licensed private investigator, the information professional!  For each lawyer’s needs there is a comparable private investigator who can support their work — from finding someone who is dodging papers being served, to catching a cheating spouse in the act, to confirming if an insurance claim is truly valid …

Facts and evidence always play a role, so what can private investigators offer:

  • We have access to databases only available to licensed investigators
  • We can provide Accurate/Up-to-Date background checks
  • We may be Genetic Genealogists who can answer questions based on DNA research
  • We are great at finding contact information for people who don’t want to be found
  • We can review your client’s case and offer professional opinions and suggestions based on our experience
  • We can help to locate witnesses
  • We can assist in finding assets – such as vehicles or the location of accounts or holdings
  • We continually learn more about our industry and hone our craft to better to serve all of our client’s needs

In short, we can make an attorney’s job easier!  We do directed and professional research to save attorneys and their staff time and money.  We can often find what legal secretaries, paralegals, and attorneys have not found, or may not know what to look for – so we increase chances for a favorable outcome on a case.

Private investigators should develop and nurture relationships with attorneys – and attorneys should conduct research into private investigators that would be a good match for them and their client’s needs.

Contact me, or a private investigator of your choice, when you’re ready to turn the key!

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